Free Half-Day Seminar about JBuilder 4 and Kylix (Delphi for Linux)

[ Thanks to Bob Swart
for this announcement: ]

Inprise/Borland is organising a free half-day seminar on
wednesday (Sept 20) in Brussels (Belgium) and thursday (Sept 21) in
The Hague (The Netherlands), which will be about JBuilder 4,
Inprise Application Server, VisiBroker and of course Kylix (Delphi
for Linux), showing the Kylix IDE in action!

During the seminar you will learn about the existing and future
Inprise/Borland development products for Linux including the new
JBuilder 4, for pure Java development and project Kylix, the code
name for the first native RAD development tool for Linux, based on
Delphi and C++Builder. After we have showed you the latest
Inprise/Borland cross-platform development tools, we will discuss
how Linux fits in the enterprise. We will show techniques and
technologies to make your applications more robust and scaleable
and we will give you our view of the world where Windows and Linux
can co-exist in the enterprise.

For more information, see the Inprise Northern Europe website at