Free Software Bazaar implements program to increase free software

Axel Boldt

The Free Software Bazaar at http://visar.csustan.edu/bazaar/
allows people to offer money for the completion of free software
projects. Currently, money is being offered for the following


  • report writing packages for SQL databases

Games and entertainment

  • clone of tank battle game Bolo
  • enhance LinCity to allow multiplayer games
  • Linux port of Wolfenstein 3D source code
  • typing tutor game aimed at young kids

Graphics and sound

  • BeOS driver of Gravis Ultrasound PnP sound card
  • version of xvidtune which runs under Windows
  • ghostscript and gimp drivers of Epson Stylus Photo
  • add DXF import/export capabilities to killustrator
  • tracker for Linux console

Kernel patches and hardware drivers

  • Realtime compressed audio and video capture driver for
  • Linux driver for a DVD drive
  • FreeBSD driver for General Instruments SB1000 Surfboard cable
  • XFree GLX drivers for various accelerated 3D video cards
  • Port Linux to Mac IIfx
  • FreeBSD driver for Parallel Port Syquest SparQ drive
  • Linux driver for IBM ServeRAID SCSI adapter

Networking, email

  • DOS driver which redirects FOSSIL calls over tcp/ip to a Linux
    modem pool
  • software modem for Windows to redirect modem calls over tcp/ip
    to modem pool
  • capi20.dll for Windows to redirect capi calls over tcp/ip to
    modem pool
  • Unix software to communicate with PS6500 TI Organizer
  • Perl module to access functions provided by Fedelity
    NetBenefits web site
  • Reverse engineer ICA protocol used by Citrix’s Winframe
  • X11 client for Microsoft’s RDP protocol used by

System utilities, libraries

  • GTK theme module to implement Sun’s OpenLook look and feel
  • Enhance screen program to allow for multiple windows per
  • Free replacement for the Qt library

Text processing, word processing, editors

  • color support for joe editor
  • Linux WYSIWYG hebrew word processor
  • LaTeX2e package to provide more flexibility for standard
    document classes
  • Allow Emacs to compile .el files in dynamically loadable binary
  • Enhance gIDE

Web browsing and HTML

  • Patches to Mozilla to disable all automation
  • Patch to Mozilla to suppress ad banners
  • Clone of Allaire Cold-Fusion 4.0 for Linux

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