FreeOS.com: GCC options you should know

[ Thanks to Mayank
for this link. ]

“Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) isn’t for the faint of
heart or those used to the friendlier Windows IDEs. There are a
huge number of command line options available for GCC. This article
brings you the most commonly used and most useful

“Given below are the most often used gcc options. Though a lot
more exist, these are the most commonly used ones (26 to be
specific) and can make debugging easier. For more information refer
to the man pages type “man gcc” at the command line. GCC offers a
host of options, some even for the AMD-K62 processor.”

“The common syntax is gcc [option] [filename]. All options
listed below are case sensitive. The option -v differs completely
from -V . Also options may be put together in pairs. So, -vc is
different from -v -c.”


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