FreeOS.com: Introducing Motor, Part 2: Advanced usage

[ Thanks to Mayank
for this link. ]

“Motor is a great new IDE for programming under Linux. In
this second part of the series, the author looks at more advanced
issues including debugging using the gdb front-end, CVS and some of
the new features in Motor 2.0.”

“Currently, almost all the planned features of Motor have been
implemented. Now, I want to address all the GNU programmers who
have experience in programming with GTK+/GNOME. I realize that a
lot of people work in X, so my next big plan is to make a
GNOME-based GUI version of Motor. If you want to help me create a
good IDE — not only for console, but for X too, please contact me
and we will work out a strategy together.”

“Motor has a useful front-end to gdb, a popular Linux debugger.
Let’s check it out. Start by opening your favorite project to get a
quick insight on what happens inside the program in run time. I
assume you already have Motor running and you can see the editor
window. For a quick look at all the debug commands available, just
press F10 and then open the “Debug” sub-menu.”


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