FreeOS.com: Review: SuSE 7.0 Professional

[ Thanks to Mayank
for this link. ]

“Suse 7.0 comes in two different editions, the Personal and
Professional Pack. I worked with the latter whose box (which by the
way weights 2.5 kgs!) is loaded with software and manuals. The
professional edition, that I have reviewed here, contains 6 CD’s, 4
manuals and for good measure a DVD which contains the contents of
all 6 CD’s.

“These 4 manuals really steal the show. There’s an installation
manual that’s more like a illustrated guide to installing SuSE with
screenshots and bubble dialog boxes explaining everything. Then
comes the configuration manual that will help you configure your
system. Next comes the Applications manual which deals with some of
the software that’s included. Useful how-to’s on configuring your
scanner and CD-Writer are included in this one. I would have liked
that the CD-writer to have been automatically configured like
Mandrake does but the process is nicely documented so it really
isn’t a problem. There’s even a tutorial on using the GIMP graphics

“Yast2 has been beefed up and there’s a lot more that you can do
with it. You hardly need to use yast anymore. All hardware setup
can be done here. There’s Install/Remove programs which you can use
to manage the huge collection of software that ships with SuSE 7. A
built in search tool would have been a useful feature. That would
have been much better than putting the different software packages
into cryptic categories like pay and ap. Also if there was some way
of knowing which CD a package was in, it would make life easier.
Yast2 is great if you use the GUI version, but, the console mode
yast2 has quite clumsy navigation and is a pain to use. I really
wish that SuSE had put some more work into the console mode


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