Freshmeat: Is Linux Going to Reunite the UNIX Market?

“Soothsayers of Linux doom raise the specter of fragmentation
and predict that Linux will suffer the same fate that’s held back
the commercial UNIX flavors. Arnim Rupp suggests that not only will
Linux hold together, but may also be the means to reunite the UNIX

Looking at the 20 years of fragmented UNIX, I was just
wondering if Linux and Open Source might be the driving force to
reunite the UNIX market.

“Linux already gets shipped and supported by nearly all the big
UNIX vendors: IBM, Sun, SGI, HP, DEC, and SCO. They all say it’s
just for the low-end market and reserve the high-end for AIX,
Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64, and UnixWare/OpenServer.”