Freshmeat: Open Letter to Red Hat and Robert Young

“Red Hat’s IPO put them in a position to make waves in the Linux
Community, and after discussing it in various forums and thinking
long and hard about thier position, I have made some observations.
I only hope to see them succeed for the sake of the open source
community in general, but there are hard buisness facts to contend
with as well.”

“Red Hat as a company is not your traditional software company,
and that is why it stands a chance to succeed where a company like
Microsoft could fail. Adapting strategies like Microsoft, and
buying out a company like SCO puts Red Hat into Microsoft’s
ballpark. Once you play like the enemy, what’s the point of the
battle? To succeed with a product like Linux, you have to be
revolutionary, not traditional.”

“Here are the steps I see that Red Hat can take now that it has
acquired the financial resources to make some ‘big plays.'”