Freshmeat: Six Reasons Not to Use an ASP

“ASP-based solutions are slowly making inroads into the
territories enjoyed by traditional applications. Understanding the
differences can help users to choose wisely.”

“The reasons for using an ASP are quite sufficiently described
by the companies touting them as solutions. On the surface, ASPs
look very attractive for many reasons. As with the current
dot.com madness, there are some important but too often overlooked
issues with using ASP-based applications. Here I provide six
reasons why users might choose to remain with the more traditional,
locally-running application…”

“After having just presented six compelling reasons to stay away
from ASPs, it may be hard to believe that I’m actually a supporter
of the idea. Well, I am, but with significant changes from the way
ASPs work today. I learned a long time ago that problems are easier
to swallow when chased by solutions, so I’ll provide a short
description of potential solutions to each problem. Now, whether
you LIKE the approaches below is another thing entirely…”