From Noob to Ninja � Your Guide to Mastering Linux

“Every Linux user has been new at some point, and unless you’ve
got a history of UNIX administration, the transition was likely a
bit daunting. Many people began learning Linux before sites like
Google and StackExchange made it easy to find answers, and ended up
having to figure everything out in their own. While inconvenient,
this approach can force you to challenge yourself and learn things
about the system that you might otherwise never find out.

“Usually here at MakeTechEasier, we focus on specific topics for
our tutorials. This time we’re taking a different approach, and
providing a high-level overview of series of steps designed to hone
the skills of a Linux beginner, and turn them into the kind of geek
who compiles a new kernel for fun.

“Step 1 – Install an “Easy” Linux in Real Partitions

“There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’ve
likely already installed a Linux such as Ubuntu or Fedora. These
“desktop” Linux systems are specifically designed to be as simple
as possible to install.”