From stability comes stagnation.

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“Picture this, you are on walkabout (an Aussie term for
travelling, roughly speaking) and your throat is parched. The big
bright day star is pounding on you with heat waves far greater than
the blast of heat that hits you in the face when you open the oven
to see what your mother is baking. Only this time there is no oven
door to close. The soft drink you had is long gone and lets face
it, it only made you thirstier. There is not a bar in sight, nor
any civilization that you can hear.

“Suddenly you hear a welcome sound. The pleasing tinkle of
running water. The sound of this makes your throat feel like you
swallowed a cup of ground glass and you hurriedly scramble to the
source of the sound. As you round the hill a pleasing vista unfolds
before you. A cute little waterfall merrily tinkling away and next
to that a silent pond. Your thirst becomes unbearable and now the
decision is yours. What do you drink from? The waterfall or the

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