G2News/LinuxGram: Who’s Web Boss? Linux or M’soft? Netcraft Redacts its Findings

Despite popular wisdom and the usually jubilant claims of
open source folk, Linux and Apache do not dominate the Internet. In
fact, they hold only a tenuous 1.67% market share lead over
Windows-based web sites.

“An entirely new survey methodology employed by the Netcraft,
considered the world leader in doping out what sites use which
software, sheds new light on the net. The new numbers hold major
implications for the exploding thin web server market, where
Windows and Linux are in a death match for dominance. The Netcraft
numbers hint, but don’t explicitly prove, that Windows may lead in
the corporate and commercial web sector as Microsoft claims.”

“In theory, there are 17 million web sites out there. Netcraft’s
conventional count indicated 6.1 million of them run on Linux
servers and only 3.6 million run on some species of Windows.
Netcraft concluded that Linux had a 14.4% lead over Microsoft.”

“Ah ha, but now Netcraft has reinterpreted its data in light of
new technology it’s come up with and decided that its old
conclusion is wrong and that Linux has less than a 2% lead.”

Note: Netcraft has their
methodology explained if you scroll down just over half way on
their Survey page. LT