GartnerGroup’s Dataquest Forecasts Linux Servers to Have Greater Success in Server Appliance Market

“…Than Traditional Server Industry”

“While Linux servers have gained a lot of mind share as a
possible leader in the server market, Linux servers are expected to
have a larger impact on the worldwide server appliance market,
according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner Group, Inc.”

“Dataquest estimates Linux servers by 2003 will account for
approximately 24 percent of worldwide server appliance revenue, or
$3.8 billion, and 14 percent of server appliance shipments, or 1.1
million units by 2003. Linux servers by 2003 are projected to
represent 3.4 percent of worldwide traditional server revenue, or
$1.9 billion, and 8.1 percent of traditional server shipments, or
450,000 units.”