Generating barcodes with KBarcode

[ Thanks to Roland
for this link. ]

“Sometimes alphanumeric text simply won’t cut it, and
you need a bar code — mailing labels, security badges,
inventory tracking, perhaps even URL-encoding for mobile phones.
With KBarcode, you can use a simple desktop application to both
generate and print several dozen different barcode types, on any
sort of physical media.

“Like you might guess, KBarcode is a Qt-and-KDE program, but it
supports several different backends for generating the wide variety
of barcode formats it supports. The backends include GNU Barcode,
Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript, PDF417 Encode (which supports
the PDF417 stacked barcode format, and has no relation to Adobe’s
Portable Document Format), and the commercial (and proprietary)
TBarcode from tec-it.com.

“Between them, these backends support well over fifty different
formats, from commercial standards like UPC and ISBN to postal
standards like USPS OneCode to general-purpose formats like Code 39
and Code 128. TBarcode even adds support for a few 2-D formats,
like Data matrix and QR Code. For those who are not familiar with
the various barcode encoding schemes, the Barcode Writer in Pure
Postscript site links to Wikipedia entries with background
information on most of them.”

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