GGI project website is homeless :(

From [email protected] Thu Dec 17 19:24:50 1998
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 01:42:32 +0100
From: Emmanuel Marty 
Subject: GGI project website is homeless :(

Dear editors,

My name is Emmanuel Marty, and while I already submitted unrelated
stories to most of you :), I am also one of the core developers of
the GGI project, and we need your help today.

It is not in our habit to make public fuss, people seem to think that
we are dead, actually, while we have been quietly working on our project
towards a public release, trying not to raise people's expectations too
much before it's due, and cooperating with the fbcon effort in linux
2.1 where relevant - see the standard kernels.

But I am sending that to all of you now, we would appreciate if
you could mention it, as your target audience is what we need
to talk to. Please excuse us if emailing wasn't the best way to
contact you, I hope this doesn't prevent you from talking about
our problem :

This morning, the server hosting our www and ftp main servers in the
USA has apparently been reinstalled from scratch; we got wiped off the
system in the process, and had no notice at all. I already host the
central cvs repository and we already seen that hosting something else
on the same system degraded the developer access to cvs notably. Therefore,
we are homeless as for www and ftp services, and we are asking help to the
communauty. This comes as the worst time as we are headed towards a public
release. Please send email to the address above if you think you can host us.
The GGI project is trying to implement display drivers in the Linux (and
later other unices) kernel, now complementing the fbcon effort efficiently;
it also is a set of userspace libraries making display application
programmers life easier.

Thank you very much in advance,
Emmanuel Marty