GNOME 2.20 Shows Significant Improvement

“GNOME 2.20 was released yesterday. Even though I use GNOME
regularly, I normally don’t get excited over new releases, because
most seem to offer little more substance than previous versions,
with most of the work being done under the hood. This time, though,
GNOME has a solid list of new features and upgrades. It’s worth
taking a look at even if you aren’t a fan of this desktop

“I tested GNOME’s new features by installing a nightly build of
the upcoming Ubuntu 7.10 release, which will include GNOME 2.20 as
its default user interface, on my laptop. In an attempt to maintain
the feel of a default GNOME install as much as possible, I reverted
the theme used by Ubuntu back to the new default of GNOME 2.20. The
wallpaper used in the release notes was nowhere to be found in my
Ubuntu install, which means it must not have been included in the
art package…”