GNOME 3.24.2 Desktop Environment Officially Released as the Last in the Series

The GNOME 3.24 desktop environment was launched on March 22, 2017, and it already received a first point release, GNOME 3.24.1, a month ago, on April 12. Now, almost one month later, GNOME 3.24.2 is here with a month’s worth of improvements and bug fixes across many of the GNOME Stack’s core components and applications. The GNOME 3.24.2 desktop environment will so be available for installation from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, so if you’re using either the GNOME 3.24.0 or GNOME 3.24.1, we recommend that you update to the new version as soon as possible because, if you’ll study the two changelogs listed above, numerous issues were resolved.