GNOME 3, Activities, and KDE 4

[ Thanks to Prashanth for this link.

“There have been a slew of new articles detailing the
progress of work on GNOME 3, and the refrain in all of them has
been that “GNOME 3 will revolutionize the desktop”. The focus on
GNOME 3, ever since the release of the first mock-ups, has been on
the new GNOME Shell and GNOME Activities (which are really just two
sides of the same coin). The thing is, GNOME Activities has
essentially the same concept (and even the same name) as KDE 4
Activities. So I was thinking for quite a while: how can this be
called “revolutionary” with a straight face? Today it hit me: while
KDE may have had the idea first, GNOME presents a far superior
execution of this idea;”

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