Gnome – The Curtain Is About To Go Up

[ Thanks to An Anonymous
for this link. ]

“Hey Gnome people…if you don’t have that feeling
right now, you are spending too much time in Gedit and not enough
time looking around you.

“Your curtain is about to go up.

“”God please don’t let them suck.”

“I see it every day…I feel it. The low rumble of an impending
change that will alter the way people use their computers from now
on. That change is Linux, and that change is going to be
facilitated by Ubuntu.

“Like it or not, that’s the way things have shaken out and we
have to work within these system-sets. While Gnome is as good as
any other environment in my book, we have to remember that this is
the environment that people are first going to experience. What I
have found most frustrating is that things have been left half-done
and half-thought out for several releases now and it’s time to get
them fixed.”


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