GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6 Now Enabled by Default in Debian Unstable

Back in June, the Debian devs were happy to announce that the latest GCC 6 and GNU Binutils 2.27 (or 2.28 if it will be released by then) will be the default on the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” operating system, which is currently under heavy development, and available to early adopters from the Debian Testing channels. And now, the Debian devs are also proud to inform the community that GCC 6 has been enabled by default in Debian Unstable, also known as Debian Sid, a rolling development version of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. GCC 6.1.1 is currently the version available in those repos, along with the Boost 1.61 and ICU 57 libraries.