gnu.org: The GNU Project

The GNU Project by Richard Stallman was originally published
in the book “Open Sources”.

“When I started working at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
in 1971, I became part of a software-sharing community that had
existed for many years.”

“Free software” and “open source” describe the same category of
software, more or less, but say different things about the
software, and about values. The GNU Project continues to use the
term “free software”, to express the idea that freedom, not just
technology, is important.”

“Nowadays, often I’m not the only one. It is a relief and a joy
when I see a regiment of hackers digging in to hold the line, and I
realize, this city may survive–for now. But the dangers are
greater each year, and now Microsoft has explicitly targeted our
community. We can’t take the future of freedom for granted. Don’t
take it for granted! If you want to keep your freedom, you must be
prepared to defend it.”


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