GnuCash COULD be a Quickbooks killer

“I am a certified Quickbooks technician. And, to be perfectly
honest, Quickbooks stinks. When it works it’s great…but when
it doesn’t work, it’s a NIGHTMARE! It’s terribly sensitive to
network hiccups, it isn’t smart enough to switch itself out of
single user mode after a scheduled backup, it’s slow, it constantly
can not find data files, it’s expensive…the list goes on and
on. And I hear these complaints nearly every day. Along with those
complaints comes the question: “Do you know of an alternative?” The
answer to that question is always, unfortunately, “No”.

“I want to be able to tell clients “Why yes, I do know of an
alternative that is easy to use, reliable, and open source!”
Unfortunately I can not. I want that alternative to be GnuCash, but
it isn’t. As good as GnuCash is (and I’ve been using it daily for a
long, long time) it can not stand up to what Quickbooks users need.
GnuCash has no multi-user mode. GnuCash has no server capabilities.
GnuCash does not have a user-friendly GUI that contains one-click
buttons to access nearly ever feature it offers.”