Government Computer News: OpenLinux OS cleanly integrates NetWare, NT and Unix

“Does anyone use Unix anymore? They sure do. Many government
sites don’t want to give up the most robust and powerful enterprise
operating system today.”

“Caldera’s OpenLinux is a 32-bit implementation that acts as a
conduit between diverse operating systems, not as a replacement for
Unix in major applications.”

“OpenLinux fits in with Novell NetWare. It gets along with
Windows NT, Unix servers and IBM mainframe systems, too.”

“Because OpenLinux is an excellent Internet server platform,
users get the benefits of running apps under Unix and managing
server files over the network instead of having to use the File
Transfer Protocol.”

“Government offices can get value out of the well-integrated
links to NetWare, by building a solid Web server that’s relatively
easy to configure and maintain.”