Government Technology: Open Sesame!

“Open-source software infiltrates the mainstream with powerful
performance and rock-bottom prices….”

“But as small as Dallam might appear on the map, it has claimed
a much more prominent piece of real estate on the World Wide Web. A
quick check on Yahoo for Texas counties lists Dallam right next to
densely populated Dallas. The Web is the great equalizer — and
Dallam wouldn’t be on the Web without open-source software….”

“Dallam County’s Web presence was established by County
Treasurer Wes Ritchey. But it didn’t initially look like a Web site
was in the cards. The county could afford a computer; it just
couldn’t afford the high price of a secure operating system (OS)
and server software necessary to host the site. A commercial OS
alone can cost more than $1,000.”

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