GPL Compliance Issues are Tearing Joomla! Apart

“Joomla! project leader Louis Landry and his colleagues want to
protect the project they love. That’s why, after two years of
allowing proprietary plugins for the open source CMS, the group has
decided to ask third-party developers for voluntary compliance with
the terms of the GNU General Public License, under which Joomla! is
licensed. Those developers are complaining that it’s unfair for
Joomla! to reverse its position after ‘a bunch of companies spent
millions,’ according to one developer employed by a company that
markets the proprietary extensions. Landry says he and the Joomla!
team were wrong to have allowed the exceptions, and a return to
compliance is essential in order to legally protect the open nature
of Joomla!.

“Joomla! was born in 2005 as a fork from the Mambo CMS. The
entire core development team, as well as many of the third-party
developers, left the Mambo community because they believed that
Miro, the corporation behind Mambo, was planning to close the code
on the project…”


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