GPLv2 Blocks VLC from Apple’s App Store

[ Thanks to sjvn for this
link. ]

“It had to happen eventually. Open source software is
all about letting anyone have access to the source code, and Apple
is all about restricting any software access on its platforms. So
when questions began to be raised about whether VideoLAN’s popular
VLC Media Player, which is licensed under the GPLv2, could legally
be sold on the Apple’s App Store, you knew something had to give.
Well, it just did.

“The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has just told the VLC
developer community that the GPLv2 does, indeed, conflict with
Apple’s App Store Terms. In a note to the VLC membership list,
Brett Smith, FSF Licensing Compliance Engineer, wrote that because
“Apple ‘only’ allows you to do the activities in the list of Usage
Rules, if an activity does not appear in this list, you’re not
allowed to do it at all.””

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