Green PCs: CPU Frequency Scaling in Linux

“Somehow, I’ve always had bad luck to new technologies. The
world introduces more and more sophisticated methods of using the
human knowledge each day, and I was always in the long tail of
progress. Or simply, something didn’t want to work for me on Linux.
It was similar when I tried to scale the CPU frequency. I didn’t
pay much attention to this before, because the laptops I used,
simply didn’t provide such a feature. Yes, I realize it was my bad
luck to buy laptops like that–different Durons and Athlons, which
didn’t allow economical scaling, visited my poor desktop computer.
So I classified this topic as: ‘I don’t know, nor am I interested,
I’m overworked.’ And then, recently, I purchased a new laptop and
installed Ubuntu on it, where such things as CPU scaling work out
of the box. I would have got over this like ‘Well, because it’s a
laptop, and they’re made to do this by default,’ if not the fact,
that the electricity price is rising, or that I feel responsible
for the ozone depletion–well… I’ve developed a guilty
conscience. Does my tiny desktop PC have to heat like a crazy

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