Groklaw: Novell Files Motion to Stay, Answer with Counterclaims etc.

“Novell has filed a Motion to Stay Claims Raising Issues Subject
to Arbitration, telling the court that SCO’s copyright infringement
claims and in fact four of its five claims have to be brought to
arbitration, as per the UnitedLinux agreement, under the Federal
Arbitration Act, which requires a stay of any claim raising issues
subject to arbitration. Therefore, it asks the court to stay all
proceedings on SCO’s claims until that matter can be cared for.
Novell has already filed a request for arbitration.

“You see, under the UL agreement, the parties agreed, Novell
explains, that they could all use each other’s intellectual
property under broad license, including the right to sublicense,
and some more things that are redacted because the UL agreement
requires confidentiality…”