Groklaw: SCO, Given a Mile in Discovery, Would Like Another Mile

” Believe it or not, folks, SCO has filed a Renewed Motion to
Compel. Here is the Memorandum in Support, with exhibits. Of
course, they request oral hearings. They love dragging discovery
out as long as possible.

“Here we go again, then. August 1st was the deadline for IBM to
turn over all the code discovery, and they say they did. You can
read their letters to SCO, attached to the memorandum as Exhibits.
There is a July 19 letter, in which IBM tells SCO that they have
complied in full and turned over all nonpublic Linux information.
They will also have the opportunity to tell their side of things
more fully in a reply to this motion. Until then, it isn’t possible
to know for sure everything that is going on…”