Guido van Rooij resigns from FreeBSD core team, leaves security officer post

Jordan K. Hubbard

This is just a short note to let people know that Guido van
Rooij, long a core member and senior security officer for the
project, is resigning those duties in favor of a more relaxed, less
time-intensive role with the project.

We in the core team are all as sad to see Guido go as Guido is
to leave, and this is purely a matter of scheduling for him, not
the result of any sort of internal conflict. Guido simply no longer
feels that he has the time available to make the kind of
contribution he wishes to make as a core member and security
officer and would rather step down entirely from those roles than
to contribute less than he’s comfortable with. We respect this and
have already run through the list of possible alternative scenarios
with Guido, this being the one he’s most comfortable with. Guido is
not leaving the project entirely by any means and will still
continue to try and contribute where he can, simply longer at his
current pace.

Please join me in wishing Guido the best of luck in his return
to the real world and hopefully a functional social life once