GUILinux: A Noobie Spends Quality Time With Linux (YDL 3.0 To Be Exact)

[ Thanks to Garret
for this link. ]

“I don’t like is Microsoft’s predatory business practices and
overpriced software. The Windows XP registration scheme was the
last straw. I gave Corel Linux a brief try, but ended up loading
Windows 98 back on that computer and giving it (my spare) to a
friend whose ancient P90 had just died.

“I tried Mac OSX and loved it. (For the record, I am no fan of
classic Mac OS. It’s a bunch of chewing gum and string with a nice
UI over the top.) In Dec. 2001, I switched to OSX when I got an
iBook 600 for Christmas.

“Despite my love for the insanely great OS X, Linux still
intrigued me. The more I read about various distros on OS News and
other sites, the more curious I became. To that end, in late July I
acquired a Blueberry iMac 350 off of eBay, upped the ram to 320mb,
and decided to give Linux a try and assess its strengths and
weaknesses as a desktop OS…”


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