Hardware One: How I learned Linux – Part 1

[ Thanks to Skaven for this link.

“My stint with Linux began in February 1996. I was then a
first year student at the (then) department of information systems
and computer science.
I had dreams, just like anybody else;
dreams of CMU, Stanford, Berkeley… the Dean’s List and all that
crap that comes along with wanting to be a high flyer.”

“I looked around. Nervously. I was an expert user in DOS. I did
things most users would never understand, nor ever have to. And I
never dreamed I would ever have to stoop so low as to ask someone
how to list my own bloody files. It was humiliating. I was 100%
illiterate. I was naked. All my knowledge about DOS was, in the
blink of an instant, almost complete trash. I was suddenly

“A February afternoon, 1996. I was beginning on my first steps
of writing C in Emacs. … Beside me sat a young man.
Pimples. Pale. Undernourished. Oh, and stressed, definitely, by
the looks of it. … “Would you like to buy a Linux CDROM?”

Thus began my first encounter with Xinwei, founder of the NUS Linux
User Group. My world was about to change drastically, and I had no