Hardy Heron is Hardly a Snap

“When I received my super-cool Android PC from Eric Burke he
thoughtfully installed a copy of Ubuntu 7.10 for me, so naturally
when the new Ubuntu 8.04 (‘Hardy Heron’) was released I wanted to
upgrade it to the latest and greatest version. ‘Installation is a
snap,’ writes Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. Ubuntu is user-friendly and
ready for the mass market, so this should be easy, right?

“Just to be sure, I asked a friend for advice on the best way to
do it. ‘Wipe your disk and re-install from an ISO image,’ he said.
‘If you have anything on the machine, make a backup first.’ Eh?
That seemed extreme to me. Since I have such a deep respect for my
friend’s opinions, I proceeded to ignore his advice. That was my
first mistake…”