Has Open-source hardware reached its tipping point?

[ Thanks to right.about.now for this
link. ]

“The idea is simple – take the principles of
open-source software and apply them to a low-cost assimilation of
off-the-shelf camera parts tied together with a Linux-based OS
that’s available to everyone for modification. Forget proprietary
APIs and SDKs, this is the holy grail for people that spent their
school breaks soldering radios.

“When (not if) this union of open hardware and software
specifications trickles down to consumer-grade cameras, you’ll be
able to super-size your point-and-shoot to take RAW shots, or use
more pre-configured modes for shooting at night, or make use of the
ability to adjust the auto-timer settings and more. Just like with
open-source software, you don’t need to meddle with the innards of
the camera: pick it off the shelf, connect to the internet, and
fetch the wisdom of the community in a firmware upgrade. Or just
order a supercharged modded version that’ll shoot under water and
has a hot shoe for attaching a custom flash.”


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