Has Richard Stallman gone off the deep end?

The war of words is raging on FLORA Community WEB.

Russell McOrmond

“Some of us who reject the concepts of Information Ownership do
not consider copyright to be an ‘Honest buck’, but a form of
‘Getting something for nothing’. If you want clarification, please
see a Recent
of my own where I suggest that Copyright is about as
“honest” as making a living on welfare. One can, and many do (I am
an example), make a real “Honest Buck” using/supporting/developing
Free Software.

“Please don’t confuse Free Software and Open Source as the two
are not
the same
. Troy mentioned the BSD licence as if it were an
equivalent form of ‘Free Software’ as the GNU licence. The BSD
licence does not guaruntee that derivative works do not have to
carry the same freedoms as the original work, which allows for the
same theft of information that propriatary licences do.

“BSD is, on the other hand, a very legitimate form of Open
Source for those interested in this “middle ground”.

“I personally see Open Source/LGPL is a sort of “Halfway house for
information thieves”