Headless Chickens Come Home to Roost

“I have an idea…to save money, why doesn’t AISD move their
headquarters into a series of these “portable” buildings…in say,
oh I don’t know…East Austin? The real estate costs there are low
and they could save millions by doing so. Sure, it would take a
while to realize their savings…

“While we’re on the subject of planning ahead to save

“In 2006, I started a personal campaign to find out what AISD
was spending in software. Since I am a Free Software (Open Source)
guy, it seemed to me that adopting an Open Source solution could at
least help with lowering the overall operating costs.

“Cue up the crickets chirping and lonely blowing wind sound

“After badgering enough people, by 2008, I finally got through
to someone who was able to give me the answer and she would be
happy to give me access to that information.

“For a $2000.00 administration fee.


“Yeah, really.”

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