Health Check: openSUSE

“The openSUSE community is on a voyage of introspection and self
discovery. SuSE Linux has been around in one form or another since
1992, and, with the possible exception of Slackware, has an older
provenance than any other Linux distribution, yet openSUSE is still
in search of a unifying vision that sets it apart from its rivals
and its past.

“”One important thing about community is to have shared ideas.
Communities aren’t glued together by boundaries,” explains Thomas
Thym, an academic and KDE developer. “They are open. They are glued
together by ideas, by visions, by values they have in common.”

“Thomas Thym So in between the technical sessions, the sharing
of code hacks and the general hubbub at the recent openSUSE
Conference in Nuremberg, the talk was of strategy and a common
vision, which is important, Thym says, “because it gives the
community one direction it can orient around, and this was missing
in the past.”

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