Healthcare Informatics: Linux, Grab Your Slingshot

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“Hearing more about Linux lately? Maybe you’ve heard that the
cult operating system is David challenging the Goliath Microsoft
for market share. While Linux won’t topple Microsoft anytime soon,
it has been coming of age in its own right.”

“As the Internet emerged on Larry Walls’ radar five years ago,
so did Linux. The CIO at Huntsville Hospital System in Huntsville,
Ala., was getting fed up with his Windows NT firewall and Internet
Web servers crashing, among other problems. A consultant working
with the hospital suggested Linux as an alternative to NT.

‘I challenged him on the spot to bring up a Linux firewall and
Web server,’ Walls says. Two days later, Huntsville Hospital had a
firewall and Web server running on Linux and was busy converting
others. Walls was a convert himself. ‘Not only did it meet my
expectations, it exceeded them.'”

Here’s a great intro article to Linux.