Heise.de: To Be Up or Not To Be Up – Analysis of Web Server Downtimes

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for this link. ]

“Stability is one of the major criteria for web server
performance. Although it is commonly accepted that Windows NT
and IIS cannot match Unix and Apache servers in this field, there
are hardly any tests to confirm this assumption. An availability
test of the major German internet businesses clarifies the

“Some people think that Windows NT is unsuitable for
sophisticated requirements because of its instability. Unix based
servers using Solaris, Linux or FreeBSD, on the other hand, have a
reputation of being highly stable even in high workload
environments. Similar things apply when comparing Microsoft
Internet Information Server (ISS) and its Open Source equivalent
Apache. Even Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said in a speech that
Apache was more suitable for certain tasks….”

“Testing was carried out from a Linux machine which was placed
right next to the DE-CIX, the German providers’ central node,
courtesy of DPN/GTN. This Linux machine, by the way, was up for the
entire 32 test days without a single failure.”


An update [in german] of this story may be found here.

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