Hidden Linux : Learning to love KDE 4 (part II)

“Plasma is the screen you see when you start KDE 4. It includes
the panel — that’s the task bar running along the bottom — the
Plasma toolbox — the thing up in the top right-hand corner that
looks like a cashew nut (it’s also known as the cashew), and in the
example above a containment — the shaded translucent area
displaying the contents of the user’s Desktop folder.

“Perhaps a more practical example of KDE 4’s desktop dynamism is
that it doesn’t just restrict you to displaying the contents the
Desktop folder. You can display the contents of any number of
folders, even networked ones, and changes to them are displayed in
real-time. If you run an automated daily backup for example you can
open view of the server’s backup folder to provide a handy visual
check that everything’s working as expected.”

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