How The GPL Can Save Your Ass

“It is time to get serious about this multi-core thing. For
years, I have dreaded the day when the computing world hits the
parallel wall. As I have said many times in the past, multi-core is
parallel computing and parallel programming is hard, expensive, and
in some cases non-portable. It adds another dimension of complexity
to writing software. There is no quick fix and no solution on the
horizon that addresses this issue. The computer industry is now
facing a huge challenge–how to transition software to multi-core
platforms. No amount of marketing or wishful thinking will help.
Trust me on this one. I have been neck deep in parallel computing
for 20 years. The parallel software issue is real and it is
standing in front of us. Before you throw me on the pile of
doomsday lunatics, the polite experts are saying the same