How To Auto-Disable The Touchpad When The Mouse Is Plugged In (Fedora 13)

[ Thanks to Falko
for this link. ]

“Hello all, hopefully this brief how-to will help
others, this issue has been bugging me for years. I want the same
capability in Fedora that exists in most recent versions of Windows
— disable the touchpad on my laptop if an external mouse is
plugged in. Note that my how-to is a little hardware-specific
regarding the actual disabling of the touchpad; I’ll discuss that
more at the end of the guide.

“So, here goes:

“For my OS (Fedora 13 x86_64) and hardware (Dell Precision
M4500) – I needed a specific utility and three scripts. This Dell’s
trackpad and nipple-stick are seen as an ‘internal’ PS/2 mouse by
Fedora, so I had to install ‘xinput’ to disable it (and use a very
arcane little command-line).

# yum -y install xorg-x11-apps

“The enable/disable commands may be different for different
hardware … I had to use some xinput commands to figure out the
values I needed:”

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