How to Connect a Jawbone Headset to a Bluetooth Laptop on Ubuntu Gutsy (And Then Use Skype)

“Historically I, like most of the Skype users I know, have used
the standard pluggable headsets for calls. These have the advantage
of working more or less out of the box, even on Linux, and being
relatively inexpensive. The disadvantages, however, are many: they
add another set of wires to your kit, they don’t have the
sophisticated noise cancelling abilities that the Jawbone does
(it’s not marketing, it actually works–except for wind noise),
and–worst of all–if you’re already committed to carrying a
bluetooth headset for your phone, they add a redundant device.

“The ideal solution, then, is to carry just the simple bluetooth
headset for both phone and PC usage. The trick is making that work.
Here’s how I’ve done that…”

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