How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux, Without Being a Jerk

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Stop telling them Windows is bad, they already know it: For a
Linux user trying to convince a Windows user into the light side,
there’s always the Windows-bashing that comes in handy. At least
that’s what many Linux users think. Windows-bashing is great,
everyone curses that dreaded operating system, but there’s no point
telling a Windows user about it. I’m pretty sure he or she already
knows about it. There must at least be a thousand Windows users
cursing Microsoft even as you’re reading this article. But no way
are they going to switch to something different.

“In short, don’t tell them that Windows is bad, don’t even talk
about Windows. Just keep telling them: ‘Hey, I have this amazing
desktop on my computer, you gotta try it out’. Hand over the laptop
to them and let them do the Windows-bashing. When I converted my
friend into a Linux user, all I did was showed him my laptop. I
never mentioned a word about Windows or Mac. The moment he saw it,
he started ranting about Windows like a pissed-off sports fan.”

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