How To Create Amazing Text and Font Effects in Gimp 2.6

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for this link. ]

“This article by Juan Manuel Ferreyra, author of GIMP 2.6
Cookbook, is about working with text. GIMP uses the fonts installed
in the system. Many times, they are not enough for even the average
user. There are many websites that let you download cheap fonts for
a low price and also, fortunately, there are hundreds of websites
with free, open-source fonts for download, a huge community of
font-loving enthusiasts that have no problem with sharing their

“GIMP comes with a wide variety of filters and effects. Now, we
are going to use some of them with just text layers, to give you a
clear idea of how to create great looking text starting from a
solid-color font. In this article, we will cover: Creating 3D text,
Creating glowing text effects, Creating shining plastic text,
Creating gold text, Creating icy cold and fiery text, Creating
paper cutout and rubber stamp text.”

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