How to enable auto-login and create a guest user account on Fedora 14

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“Fedora is one of very few distributions that does not
have the auto-login feature in its graphical user management tool.
Auto-login allows the system to automatically login a user without
requesting authentication, that is, it enables password-less
logins. While it is a very convenient feature, it is a security
risk. Why? Because if it is enabled, any person with (physical)
access to you computer can login and use the computer, with the
same privileges that you have. So it is a good thing that Fedora’s
Users and Groups tool lacks the auto-login feature.

“There is, however, always a way around these things. So If you
understand the security risk that auto-login presents, and you
still want to use it, this article will show you a very simple
method of enabling it on Fedora 14. It will also offer a guide on
how to create and manage a guest user account”

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