How to install and configure a graphical firewall client in Ubuntu 10.10

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“Like all Linux distributions, Ubuntu 10.10, aka,
Maverick Meerkat, the latest version of the popular Linux
distribution, ships with a firewall installed. The firewall is
actually embedded in the kernel. In Ubuntu, the firewall’s original
command line interface has been replaced by ufw, a more
user-friendly command line script. Ufw, the Uncomplicated FireWall,
has a graphical interface that is also a lot simpler to use than
other graphical firewall interfaces in Linux.

“This article will present a step by step guide on how to
install and configure Gufw, the graphical interface to ufw.

“Before installing and configuring Gufw, take a few moments to
check the status of ufw. To do that, launch a shell terminal and
type sudo ufw status. The output should read Status: inactive. That
is the default state of ufw on a new installation of Ubuntu

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