How To Make Your Own (Almost) Chromebook

[ Thanks to Falko
for this link. ]

“Google has two systems for mobile computing available right
now. Everybody knows about Android. They also have another system
they are offering called Chrome OS. Chrome OS is principally used
on custom Netbook computers called Chromebooks as opposed to phones
and tablets.

“In December 2010 Google gave away a bunch of test Chromebook
systems (Cr-48)s to consumers for testing and getting feedback. In
June and July of 2011 Samsung and Acer respectively have begun to
offer Chromebooks for sale.

“As Google makes the Chrome OS source code available several
people have rebuilt the Chrome OS into the Chromium OS. Chromium OS
does not have any additional code or services that Google may
include with Chrome OS.your

“Several groups have compiled up the source code and made it
available to people. The most well known to still be making it
available is Hexxeh and it is the version that he has compiled that
we will be talking about for the rest of this howto.”