How to manage disk encryption passphrases and key slots

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“Disk encryption is one method you may use to enhance
the physical security rating of your computer. From my experience,
it is rarely used, which is a shame because it is one of the most
effective safeguards against unauthorized physical access to data
stored on a computer.

“Disk encryption, which can be full disk, or per partition, may
be configured during or after installation, but the most effective
is full disk during installation. The following Linux distributions
listed on this website, have support for configuring full disk
encryption during installation:

* Fedora
* Mandriva
* Ubuntu (with alternate installer)
* Debian
* Sabayon
* Zentyal (formerly eBox Platform)

“When disk encryption is enabled on any of these distributions,
the installer will prompt you for a passphrase which will be used
to lock or encrypt the disk. The image below was taken during an
installation of Fedora 13.”

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