HP to Kill Dell with Linux PCs

[ Thanks to Matt D. for
this link. ]

“HP selling Linux PCs? Surely this must be a mistake? Not
necessarily, as Dell has demonstrated that there is a niche market
of people who are full-time Linux users, but the lack of time to
‘test out’ various hardware with a Live CD, configure wireless
cards and so on can be too much. Considering the enormous amount of
competition between Dell and HP, seeing HP jump on the Linux
bandwagon only makes sense for them. I guess that means they will
hopefully stop using those awful Broadcom wireless chipsets they
are so fond of.

“To a great degree, HP’s support for Linux has been overdue. And
as others have pointed out, they would likely not limit themselves
to Ubuntu exclusively. Perhaps even going so far as to include SuSE
as a more enterprise-friendly alternative. Again, some users will
still opt for Ubuntu. But SLED 10 remains a solid distribution,