IBM developerWorks: Charming Python: Curses programming – Tips for beginners

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A certain class of Python applications works best with an
interactive user interface without the overhead or complexity of a
graphical environment.
For interactive text-mode programs
(under Linux/UNIX), for example, the ncurses library, wrapped in
Python’s standard curses module, is just what you need. In this
article, David Mertz discusses the use of curses in Python. He
illustrates the curses environment using sample source code from a
front-end to the Txt2Html program.”

“The curses library (ncurses) provides a terminal-independent
method of controlling character screens. curses is a standard part
of most UNIX-like systems, including Linux, but has also been
ported to Windows and other systems. Curses programs will run on
text-only systems and within xterm’s and other windowed console
sessions, which helps make these applications very portable.”

“Python’s standard curses provides a basic interface to the
common features of the “glass teletype,” as the CRT was known in
the 1970s when the original curses library was created. There are a
number of ways to bring greater sophistication to interactive
text-mode programs written in Python. These fall into two

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